‒ My leather strap is showing signs of wear - is this normal?

The variations in color and texture in our straps are characteristic of tanned leather and over time may darken, fade or change in color. This is an attribute of the leather and not a defect, fault or quality issue.

In order to preserve the beauty of your leather we do recommend treating your leather strap with a leather protector before wear, as this can help leather to resist dirt and moisture.

We also recommend that you keep your leather strap away from intense sunlight, heat, water, humidity, makeup and perfume to prevent any damage or staining.

Walter Bach uses only natural top-grain leather straps with quick-release spring bars, making it quick and easy to change your watch strap. To safely and securely install your new strap, follow these simple steps:

However if you find this too complicated, you can always find the nearest jeweler or watch maker who would help you in a fraction of the minute.

‒ I want to buy a replacement strap - how can I do this?

Straps are available in our online store.

Straps can be replaced easily as they are attached with quick release spring bars. It means that a person can change strap anywhere without any additional tools just by pulling quick release hand.

‒ The plating on my watch is showing signs of wear, is there anything I can do?

Walter Bach use the best plating methods available but it is the nature of plating to wear over time especially when it comes into contact with body cream and perfumes. We always recommend removing your watch when it may come into contact with water, perfumes and body creams to help preserve its beauty.

Rose Gold plating by nature is less durable and will fade quicker over time.

‒ Is my watch waterproof?

Your watch is water resistant to 1 ATM which is 10 metres. Water resistant means splash proof only - it can withstand slight splashes and rain, but is NOT to be immersed in wather.

We do recommend removing your watch before swimming or bathing because leather straps are less resistant when exposed to water frequently.

We strongly advise removing a watch before showering or entering a sauna. This is because extreme heat can cause watch seals to expand and create openings for water droplets to penetrate your watch.

Please note any water damage to your watch is not covered under warranty.

‒ My watch has condensation – what can I do?

If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, you may notice a condensation appearing under the crystal glass. This generally disappears by itself if left alone.

Please do not attempt to aid this by exposing your watch to heat to dry it out as this may damage the watch and will only cause the condensation to persist.

‒ What is covered under the warranty?

Walter Bach offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 24 months for watches and period of 12 months for jewelry. The warranty does not cover batteries, glass, plating, straps or accidental damage caused by lack of care including water penetration.

‒ How long should my battery last?

The average battery life is 18 months. All watches come open crown, which needs to be closed to activate the battery. To activate the battery, press the crown into the side of the case. If your watch has stopped working, it's likely the battery needs replacing. Any local independent watchmaker will be able replace your battery.

Please kindly note that battery replacements are not covered under warranty.

‒ Do you offer a repair service?

If your watch requires attention, please contact our customer service team by filling the form.

‒ Is it real diamonds in your watches? 

Your Walter Bach watch is crafted with genuine natural diamonds and reflects our dedication to quality and design. The diamonds in your Walter Bach watch have been purchased from legitimate sources and are conflict free, based on the guarantee provided by the supplier of these diamonds.